Project activities

The activities of in the project are structured in four work packages (WP), which are as follows:

  • WP 1: А research on the applicability of the traditional models in order to create new toolpaths which are to be adapted for the formation of new types of regular reliefs on various contact surfaces;


  • WP 2: Investigation on the applicability of machine learning methods to obtain and recognize regular reliefs images, formed by ball burnishing process and defining their topographic characteristics;


  • WP 3. Building a general methodology for creating new model toolpaths to form regular reliefs through ball burnishing process and to control their topographic characteristics in relation to the contact surface type;


  • WP 4: Preparing, planning and conducting experimental research. Result analysis for the practical verification of the created models and algorithms used for the formation and control of new regular reliefs topography generated through ball burnishing process.